Hogs Green Equestrian
Hogs Green, Sandling Road, Hythe, Kent, CT21 4HG
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Thirteen box yard
The yard includes twelve 12ft x 12ft boxes as well as a smaller 8ft x 12ft pony stable. Each stable has an automatic waterer and individual grooming cupboards. 
Also included in the yard is a feed room, an alarmed tackroom, a rug drying room, an equipment storage room, a spacious barn, kitchen and toilet. 
We take great pride in our yard which is kept neat and tidy. All equipment is stored away when not in use and the yard is swept daily. 
All weather gallop

Approximately 2.5 furlong circlular all weather gallop comprising of a silica sand surface. The gallop includes a straight and natural undulation making it perfect for getting horses fit and, also, getting a good amount of work into them. 
35m x 55m Floodlit Sandschool
Our school measuring at 35m x 55m is just short of olympic size. It has recently been re-surfaced with the popular softrack surface. As with the yard, the school is kept tidy and is harrowed every other day to keep the surface consistent. 
We also have a variety of showjumping equipment that is available to use by all liveries and also offer out our school and jumps to anyone who wishes to hire them. The school can be booked via Hannah (07966488245) and costs £10 per horse, per hour. 
16 acres of turnout paddocks
Included in our livery is the use of one of our paddocks, that can be individual or shared. Our fields are regularly harrowed, fertilised and poo picked to ensure they stay at their best and the horses have a good amount of grass to enjoy. 
The paddocks are available to use throughout the summer, spring and autumn, but are used sparingly in the winter to maintain grass cover. 
4 horse horsewalker 
We have a Premier Walker, 4 horse horsewalker on site for all to use. The walker has a new rubberblock surface to prevent the horses slipping, speed adjustment controls and optional electric booster to help keep the horses moving. 
The walker is available for all liveries to use for the small fee of £3 per 30 mins.